Getting Ready for an Oral Surgery Consultation

Getting Ready for an Oral Surgery Consultation

If you dread an oral surgery consultation because you don’t know what to expect, it is easily dealt with by knowing what it is and how it goes. It is best to be ready, so read on to help you prepare for it and make the experience pleasant.

It may help you to know right off the bat that the initial visit is not uncomfortable at all. Then, ahead of time, be sure to:

Write down a list of questions you may have. You can request them to shed light on things you don’t understand especially with regard to the oral surgery. There is the tendency to forget the things you need to ask when already talking to your doctor that is why it is ideal to write your questions down prior to your trip to the clinic. A full understanding helps you become at ease about the treatment.oral surgery jupiter

Bring all the necessary paperwork that may be required during the consultation. Prior to the consultation date, call the clinic staff and ask if there is anything you need to bring with you.

In case you are unable to make a pre-visit call, take the initiative of readying at least the basic documents typically needed: photo ID, dentist-issued referral form (if applicable), contact numbers of your primary health care providers, dental health insurance card, names of medications you are currently taking and a brief personal medical history for easy reference.

During your visit, your oral surgeon will ask questions necessary for information-gathering. He will examine your teeth and jaw. To determine the treatment plan precisely appropriate, he may order a CT scan of the area. A CT scan or computerized tomography is essential in taking proper measurements that a later procedure may need that a simple dental X-ray cannot provide. It shows cross-section images of your teeth and jaw, bones, tissues and blood vessels. Such information is very useful in determining if additional measurements may be required.

Consulting with your oral surgeon will help you be prepared further for the next procedure whether simple or a broader type of surgery.

Your doctor can give you pre-surgery steps and recommendations.

Discuss any questions you might have about anesthesia, its effects and how deep you will be sedated.

Understand expectations during and after the procedure and while recovering. Healing process may differ from procedure to procedure. Ask about your particular surgery.

There is nothing wrong in confiding with your oral surgeon about any reservations you might have. They will provide you with pre and post operative information and all you need to do is ask, don’t hesitate. After all, when all goes well covering all aspects, a successful oral surgery leads to not only improved oral health but it improves the way you live too! 

Our offices are well known for our kind, gentle care that we provide before, during and after all treatments and surgeries. You can rest easy in your care with Drs. Charles & Broumand oral surgery in Jupiter, FL

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